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Melissa Parhm | Artist Statement

Upturned Roots is inspired by a tree in Kenwood I’ve been drawn to - especially the roots. After the 2017 fires, I searched and found it still intact. I saw the world in the tree, the concept of pareidolia.

I begin by preparing panels in order to create a foundation for the silver. Layers of luminous ground enable the interplay of light with the silver.The sun’s rays shifting on the panel’s surface results in an image that is ever-changing and three dimensional at times. New forms emerge and dissolve.

Drawing with silver is sustainable and connects me to the lineage of artists I’m influenced by who worked in silverpoint in the ages before graphite was discovered and mined. Today, 01/10/20, with the fires raging, I go into my studio, the elements, in order to honor them. They are the matter we are made of.

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